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Oberwerk Product Overview

Since 1999, Oberwerk has been the leader in optical innovation, quality, and value. 24 binocular models are in production, from compact roof-prism binoculars to the most powerful binoculars in the world- our giant tripod-mounted Long-Range Observation Binoculars and Binocular Telescopes. Prices for Oberwerk binoculars range from under $100 to $2195. All models feature highest-quality BAK4 prisms and are fully multi-coated using the finest broadband anti-reflection technology. All binoculars, except the Lightweight Series, are waterproof and dry-nitrogen-filled. Every Oberwerk binocular is thoroughly tested and tuned to perfection at our Quality Assurance Center in Dayton, Ohio- resulting in one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

Lightweight Series Binoculars Sport HD Series Binoculars Mariner Series Binoculars
Genuine Oberwerk quality at a most-affordable price. A popular choice for general-purpose viewing, as well as astronomy on a budget. 7 models from 56mm to 80mm. The Sport HD Series utilizes inline phase-coated roof prisms, allowing a narrower and more compact design. Ideal for bird-watching, hiking, and other outdoor activies. 3 models from 32mm to 50mm. A step up in image quality, with a wider-than-average field of view, makes the Mariner Series popular with astronomers. Their rugged construction also makes them ideal for marine usage. 3 models from 40mm to 60mm.
Ultra Series Binoculars Deluxe Series Binoculars Long-Range Observation Binoculars
Our highest-quality fixed-power binoculars. 5 models from 50mm to 110mm. Precise individual focus, extra-rugged MIL-SPEC construction, with oversize prisms on shock-resistant mountings. Serious light-gathering power and image quality, yet surprisingly affordable. Ideal for long-range viewing and astronomy. 3 models from 80mm to 100mm, all with built-in mount. The original 25/40x100mm military border guard binocular, but with the latest Oberwerk technology.
2 models- "Classic" and "Contemporary", both with dual 25x and 40x power and wood tripod.
100mm Binocular Telescope 45 70mm Binocular Telescope 45 100mm Binocular Telescope
The most-versatile and highest-quality 100mm binocular on the market. Accepts any 1.25" telescope eyepieces, allowing magnifications up to 75x. Includes 7x50mm finder-scope, wood tripod, 25x eyepieces. Our 45 70mm binocular telescope is the smallest and least-expensive binocular on the market that accepts 1.25" telescope eyepieces. If our 100mm models are too big for your home-with-a-view, or if you need something more portable, this is a great choice. Our 45 binocular telescope makes astronomical viewing much more comfortable. Same specs and equipped just like the straight-through-view version, but includes a fork mount for smooth panning from horizon to zenith.
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